The Start of my Adventure

Hello fellow Globetrotters!

Earlier on this year, or more directly right at the beginning of it, I said something about wanting to start posting not only travel related blogposts (or maybe just try different styles of what I was originally doing on here). Please let me know, what you think of that!
And then things happened. I knew I would be busy with school, just not that busy.
The time mostly got consumed by learning for exams.
With everything going around me, it didn’t seem possible to write more blogposts.
I won’t say that it would have been impossible, because I don’t like to say that things are impossible. But it wasn’t feeling capable of producing anything that I would have enjoyed. And in the end, that is what this blog is supposed to be about. I will be writing new blogpost whether or not anyone will actually end up reading them.
At the time I wanted to write. But I couldn’t, because it also felt like at most times my mind was just too busy or somewhere else. Every time I sat down to write something, my mind seemed to be just blank. I am sure most people can relate to this.
But now that I have more time at hand, I really want to try to work on other blog posts.
But I won’t promise anything here, because I know myself.
With years and years to come, I would like to have something, so I can look back at this time of my live and understand what was going on in my mind. How it was for me to grow up (“become an adult”.)

I am now 18 years old and just graduated school a few months ago.
I don’t want to study right away and I would also have no idea what to study if I had to.
I am taking “a year off”.
My plan is to pass my year with exploring, stepping out of my comfort zone and learning things about life. And of course, getting to know myself on a whole new level.
The longest time I ever spend travelling completely on my own, were two weeks in Ireland in the summer of 2016.
Some might know, that during the time I took part in WWOOFing, which is something I am planning on doing for most part of the coming months.

My first stop will be Ireland – again.
I decided to start my year of adventures in a place I had already been. In a country that I love and at least to a small amount am familiar with.
My flight was booked for the beginning of September and the month after that I am planning on hiking the Kerry Way and the Dingle Way. (I finished the Kerry Way by now.)
Once I completed that, I will be working and living on three different farms until December.
I haven’t sat myself an exact date, as to when I have to/ want to be back in Germany.
I promised to be back in Bremen, my hometown, for some time in December and January.
Now, with a few days into this “adventure” I am actually glad to know, that at the end of the year I will be home.
Because right now, three months or more does sound like a long time.
I am really looking forward to finding out what the next months have in store for me, but I am also a bit nervous about this whole thing. Because now there is no backing out. The weather up here surly will only get worse, especially with autumn and then winter rolling around.
For some people, it may sound strange as to why I would want to go to Ireland in the colder months and not to some other parts of Europe.
And I thought about doing that. It was actually my plan to go to the south of Europe after October and do some farm work there.
But I couldn’t decide which country to go to. And even though I would love to visit that area some day for longer, I don’t feel as comfortable with travelling alone in the south.
I can’t really explain you why and I am definitely not speaking of any safety reasons as a women for example, but to me south of Europe sounds more like a holiday-destination with friends.
And I know, that someday I will travel there on my own, but just not right now.
Not on my first big journey on my own. At least not in 2017.
Who knows what the next year will hold for me? I, clearly do not.
I know as much as I want to go to Great Britain for a few months, a few months to Scandinavia. Probably do more farm work and maybe even another hiking trail.

I hope, to be able to update this blog more frequently in the coming weeks and months and hope that you will stick around for my journey.
If there is anything you want to know about me or something along those lines I would very much enjoy doing a Question-and-Answer-post in the near future. Just leave your questions in the comment section and I will see what I can do.
When I am starting the farm work in October I should have a lot of free time that I will spend alone. When I am not just exploring the area or reading something, I will be stuck inside.
So for now that should be it with my short life- update.

See you soon (at our next destination)!