Brandon Hill~ Bristol

Hello fellow Globetrotters! Maybe you remember our post about (Cabot Tower) . Cabot Tower is placed inside Brandon Hill. It’s a good place to read, just relax or go for a walk. So we just wanted to show you some of the incredible views and lovely inhabitants. Even if Cabot Tower is closed you can … More Brandon Hill~ Bristol

Bristol Aquarium

          Hello fellow Globetrotters! This saturday we will show you Lenjas trip to the aquarium in Bristol. Why she was there alone? Oh, if you don´t know that, you have to read our Announcement we made before we started posting about Bristol. If you want to know more about the Aquaium … More Bristol Aquarium

Cabot Tower ~ Bristol

Hello fellow Globetrotters! Another part of our amazing time in the beautiful city Bristol. The first time  I (Lenja) was alone in Brandon Hill and Cabot Tower, as we there working until different hours and missed each other. I actually found this place by accident. We had seen the tower from the other harbour side … More Cabot Tower ~ Bristol

Art in Bristol

  Hello fellow Globetrotters! This time we will show you some of the (street-)art we were able to see in the wonderful and lovely Bristol. We are both huge fans of art in all sizes and shapes, so we enjoyed beeing in such a colourful city as Bristol. We saw a lot of Bristol and … More Art in Bristol