Cabot Tower ~ Bristol

Hello fellow Globetrotters! Another part of our amazing time in the beautiful city Bristol. The first time  I (Lenja) was alone in Brandon Hill and Cabot Tower, as we there working until different hours and missed each other. I actually found this place by accident. We had seen the tower from the other harbour side … More Cabot Tower ~ Bristol

Art in Bristol

  Hello fellow Globetrotters! This time we will show you some of the (street-)art we were able to see in the wonderful and lovely Bristol. We are both huge fans of art in all sizes and shapes, so we enjoyed beeing in such a colourful city as Bristol. We saw a lot of Bristol and … More Art in Bristol

Bristol harbour stroll

Hello fellow Globetrotters! Welcome to our first Bristol post. After the really emotional announcement, we try it this time with a little less emotions.  (crossing fingers it will work) Oh, you haven´t read the announcement and don´t know what I am talking about? Asking yourself why Bristol is so special to us or just want … More Bristol harbour stroll

Bristol Announcement

Hello fellow Globetrotters! Bristol. We don´t know how to start. It all began in Bristol. Our friendship, the idea for this blog and our never ending love for Bristol. Ok, maybe we are kind of emotional wrack right now – but it has to be said. (we promise no tears yet.) First of all we … More Bristol Announcement