Hoping for Snow.

  At the moment Bremen is just grey, today it properly rained for the first time in a while which was somehow at least a Change from the constant colourless. Normally I like Winter, but how it is now you can hardly call it that. It just makes the dark season drag and drag. Well … More Hoping for Snow.

Breminale ~ Germany

Hello fellow Globetrotters! Another post about our lovely hometown Bremen. Every summer a small festival happens around here. With various bands, time for dancing, food, children programme, readings and many more things. The artists are local artists but also a few well-known artists are present every year. One of the best things is that it … More Breminale ~ Germany

Street Art ~ Bremen

Hello fellow Globetrotters! This time we take you again to our hometown Bremen in Germany. What we really like about this city is the huge variety of things you can find here. In some parts  it has a really independent vibe. One of the most colourful and unique district is called “Viertel” and lays kind … More Street Art ~ Bremen

Frosty World

Hello fellow Globetrotters! Today with a special post, normally we wouldn’t upload today but we just had to share this with you. Can’t remember a time than the trees and plants and flowers there that white the last time. It was so beautiful. Sadly there was only little time and took the pictures on the … More Frosty World


Hello fellow Globetrotters! We are back with another piece of our hometown. Everyone dreams of seeing the wide world and surely us included but sometimes if you don’t have the oppurtunity for that, look around you. There is always more to explore and discover. Last year on a stroll around  we stumbled across this backyard … More Backyard